VADER® Pedicle System

VADER® Pedicle System – State-of-the-Art Pedicle Screw System Made of BlackArmor® Carbon/PEEK

The VADER® Pedicle System is ideal for the treatment of thoracolumbar tumors. It provides reliable stabilization of the spine and the desired therapeutic radiolucency with artifact-free imaging, combined with reliable osseointegration facilitated by the Ti-iT® titanium coating. State-of-the-art surgical techniques can be utilized thanks to familiar design and reliable instrumentation.

Benefits and Characteristics

Improved diagnostics and aftercare

  • Artifact-reduced imaging (MRI, CT)

Improved local tumor control

  • Reliable therapy planning
  • Precise radiation application
  • Protection of organs at risk

Rapid osseointegration and reliable stabilization

  • Ti-iT® titanium coating

State-of-the-art surgical technique

  • Optimal stabilization even with low bone quality due to cement augmentation
  • Reliable instrumentation
  • Low burden for patients due to percutaneous access
    • Reduced blood loss and tissue damage
    • Earlier start of adjuvant radiation therapy
    • Potentially shorter clinic stay


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A complete list of indications, contraindications, warnings, and precautions can be found in the instructions for use. The implant-specific reference numbers are listed on the factsheets. Not every product is available in every country. For more information, please contact your local icotec representative and/or contact us.

Klinische Bilder Pedicle System
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