Case 3

Early Recurrence Detection Enables Immediate Therapeutic Measures

A 41-year-old female patient was diagnosed with a Th3 local recurrence of esophageal adenocarcinoma after chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Strahlentherapieplanung im sagittalen CT


Laminectomy and dorsal percutaneous stabilization from Th1 to Th5 with the VADER® Pedicle System

Two months postoperatively, a small recurrence was discovered in the area of the pedicle screw tip during the regular check-up. The systemic therapeutic measures were immediately adjusted.

Timely measures enabled the patient’s tumor to be controlled for over a year with purely systemic therapies.

BlackArmor® Carbon/PEEK enables early detection of even small recurrences near the implant.1Almeida R. et al. (2022): Carbon Fiber Reinforced PEEK Implants for Spine Tumors: A Single Center Experience. The Spine Journal, Volume 22, Issue 9, Supplement, 2022, Page S185. (Link)Early detection expands local and systemic therapeutic options and avoids emergency situations. This can improve the patient’s prognosis and quality of life.

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