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Shi et al. 2022. Technology in Cancer Research & Treatment Comprehensive Evaluation of Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Polyetheretherketone (CFR-PEEK) Spinal Hardware for Proton and Photon Planning Strahlentherapie
Joerger et al. 2022. Cancers (Basel) CFR-PEEK Pedicle Screw Instrumentation for Spinal Neoplasms: A Single Center Experience on Safety and Efficacy Klinische Evidenz
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Henzen et al. 2022. Radiation Oncology Feasibility of postoperative spine stereotactic body radiation therapy in proximity of carbon and titanium hybrid implants using a robotic radiotherapy device Strahlentherapie
Krätzig et al. 2021. Neurosurgical Review Carbon fiber-reinforced PEEK versus titanium implants: an in vitro comparison of susceptibility artifacts in CT and MR imaging Bildgebung
Wagner et al. 2021. World Neurosurgery Cement-Augmented Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Pedicle Screw Instrumentation for Spinal Metastases: Safety and Efficacy Klinische Evidenz
Burkhardt et al. 2021. World Neurosurgery The Surgical Treatment of Pyogenic Spondylodiscitis using Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Polyether Ether Ketone Implants: Personal Experience of a Series of 81 Consecutive Patients Klinische Evidenz
Trungu et al. 2021. Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences Percutaneous Carbon-PEEK instrumentation for spine tumors: a prospective observational study Klinische Evidenz
Poel et al. 2020. Physics in Medicine and Biology Assessing the advantages of CFR-PEEK over titanium spinal stabilization implants in proton therapy – a phantom study Strahlentherapie
Schmidhalter et al. 2020. Annual SASRO Meeting Dosimetric Analysis of Spine SBRT in Case of CFR-PEEK Implants Strahlentherapie
Fleege et al. 2020. Scientific Reports Carbon fiber-reinforced pedicle screws reduce artifacts in magnetic resonance imaging of patients with lumbar spondylodesis Bildgebung
Müller et al. 2020. Journal of Applied ClinicalMedical Physics The dosimetric impact of stabilizing spinal implants in radiotherapy treatment planning with protons and photons: standard titanium alloy vs. radiolucent carbon-fiber-reinforced PEEK systems Strahlentherapie
Külling et al. 2020. Abstract DWG 12 Months Results for a new CF/PEEK Pedicle-Cage TLIF system demonstrates high fusion rate Klinische Evidenz
Burkhardt et al. 2019. Neurosurgical Focus Anterior cervical spine surgery for the treatment of subaxial cervical spondylodiscitis: a report of 30 consecutive patients Klinische Evidenz
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Archavlis et al. 2018. Abstracts DGNC Radiolucent Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Pedicle Screws in Spine Metastases: Middle-Term Radiological and Clinical Results Klinische Evidenz
Hoppe et al. 2018. Journal of Functional Biomaterials First Results of a New Vacuum Plasma Sprayed (VPS) Titanium-Coated Carbon/PEEK Composite Cage for Lumbar Interbody Fusion Klinische Evidenz
Klippel et al. 2018. Annual SSRMP Meeting Dosimetric Impact of Titanium and Carbon Implants in Photon Therapy Strahlentherapie
Ringel et al. 2017. World Neurosurgery Radiolucent Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Pedicle Screws for Treatment of Spinal Tumors: Advantages for Radiation Planning and Follow-Up Imaging Strahlentherapie