2023-06-01: Completion of 50 % patient enrollment for PMCF study with the KONG®-TL VBR System


June 1, 2023 – Altstaetten, Switzerland – icotec ag is proud to announce the completion of 50 % patient enrollment for its ongoing multi-center post-market clinical follow-up (PMCF) study with the KONG®-TL VBR System.

This prospective, multi-center, PMCF is focused on investigating the performance and safety of the KONG®-TL VBR System in patients requiring corpectomy procedures followed by vertebral body replacement in the thoracolumbar spine, for tumors or vertebral fractures.

Multiple European hospitals have confirmed patient enrollment in accordance with the study plan, with the anticipation of completing the enrollment process by mid-2024.

PCMF 2023

We extend our gratitude to the dedicated staff at icotec and the study centers for their meticulous data collection and study administration over the planned 24-month follow-up period.

Our KONG®-TL VBR expandable corpectomy cage is made from BlackArmor® Carbon/PEEK which provides artifact-reduced postoperative imaging combined with reliable osseointegration facilitated by our unique Ti-iT® titanium coating. Tumor patients further benefit from reliable radiation therapy planning and application thanks to our radiolucent material. Stay tuned as we eagerly anticipate sharing the initial results.

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