The Spine Tumor Company

BlackArmor®: The Ideal Material for Optimizing Care for Patients with Spinal Neoplasms

Unparalleled composite implants constructed from a unique
manufacturing technology.

Slider New CEO

A New Era of Innovation and

icotec Medical Appoints Christoph Eigenmann as
New US CEO and Promotes Carter Lonsberry to
Executive Chairman of the Board

icotec ag raises $30m in
growth financing from
MVM Partners

icotec ag announces a significant milestone in its
growth journey by establishing a strategic partnership
with MVM Partners.

Centara Convention Center Bangkok

Global Spine Congress
May 15–18, 2024

Visit us at booth number 7 at the Centara Convention Center in Bangkok. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Hilton Dresden

7th International Spine Tumor Days
June 7–8, 2024

We are the main sponsor of the 7th International Spine Tumor Days
in Germany and are looking forward to interesting discussions with you.


30th Congress of the German
Society for Radiation Oncology,
June 13 to 15, 2024

We look forward to your visit to the Congress Palais Kassel.

We Help Patients

The world’s first spinal implants made of nonmetallic and radiolucent BlackArmor® enables a full spectrum of treatment modalities in adjuvant tumor therapy and enhances postoperative imaging diagnostics.


Learn How BlackArmor® Implants Improve the Treatment of Patients with Spinal Neoplasms

Crucial benefits along the entire treatment path: optimized radiation therapy, expanded diagnostic and therapeutic options, and reliable follow-up.

CuttingEdge Technology in the Fight against Spinal Tumors

BlackArmor® Carbon/PEEK from icotec: the ideal material for optimizing care for patients with spinal neoplasms



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