KONG®-TL VBR System – Expandable VBR Made of BlackArmor® Carbon/PEEK

The KONG®-TL VBR System is the ideal VBR for the treatment of thoracolumbar tumors. BlackArmor® Carbon/PEEK provides the desired therapeutic radiolucency with artifact-free imaging, combined with reliable osseointegration facilitated by the unique Ti-iT® titanium coating.

Benefits and Characteristics

Improved diagnostics and aftercare

  • Artifact-reduced imaging (MRI, CT)

Improved local tumor control

  • Confident and reliable therapy planning
  • Precise radiation application
  • Protection of organs at risk

Reliable stabilization and rapid osseointegration

  • Large-scale end plates including spikes
  •  Ti-iT® titanium coating

High accuracy of fit

  • Complete modularity with a wide range of sizes and angles
  • Continuous expansion of the implant height
  • 360° surgical access via modular end plates


Joerger et al. (2022): CFR-PEEK Pedicle Screw Instrumentation for Spinal Neoplasms: A Single Center Experience on Safety and Efficacy. Cancers (Basel). (PubMed, PMID: 36358693)

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