Visible when in Use – Invisible for the Therapy

The rough Ti-iT® titanium coating and the radiolucent BlackArmor® material make the KONG®-TL VBR E vertebral body replacement a unique implant for the thoracolumbar spine. In particular, the KONG®-TL VBR E paves the way for new perspectives and treatment approaches in tumor/radiation therapy.

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Scope of Application

Scope of Application
  • Replacement of one or more unstable, collapsed, or damaged vertebral bodies as a result of a tumor disease or trauma in the thoracolumbar spine area.

More detailed descriptions of the indications and precautions can be found in the relevant surgical technique.

Benefits and Characteristics

  • Radiolucent BlackArmor® material for
    • optimized imaging in X-rays, CT, and MRI
    • exact delineation and time-saving planning of the radiation dose for radiation therapy
  • Optimal primary stability
    • thanks to the tooth profile and spikes on the end plates
  • The fully modular design allows optimal adaptation to the patient’s anatomy
    • continuous, in situ adjustment of implant height
    • the modular design of the implant, permits a variety of components combinations to accommodate a wide range of anatomies
    • lordosis/kyphosis angle can be selected through corresponding end plate angles
    • end plate/body connection allows for 360° approach options
  • In combination with icotec pedicle screw systems, we offer a unique 360° radiolucent stabilization solution
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KONG®-TL VBR E Expandable Bodies

KONG®-TL VBR E Extensions

KONG®-TL VBR E End Plates




X-ray, lateral view

BlackArmor® Carbon/PEEK KONG®-TL VBR E (incl. extension) with titanium pins, spikes, and locking screw as well as tantalum markers

X-ray, AP view

BlackArmor® Carbon/PEEK KONG®-TL VBR E with titanium pins, spikes, and tantalum markers, attached to the inserter

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