Light to the spine

Light to the Spine

BlackArmor® implants by icotec

icotec is a global leader in implants developed for the treatment of spinal tumors. The nonmetallic, radiolucent BlackArmor® material developed by icotec is biocompatible, and has been successfully implanted for over 15 years. Its X-ray translucency allows for better delineation of the tumor from healthy tissue, optimizes radiotherapy planning and tumor treatment and facilitates postoperative assessment of the site of care and spinal fusion.

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BlackArmor® implants by icotec

Hightech in the Fight against Spinal Tumors

  • BlackArmor® Carbon/PEEK material: metal-free, radiolucent, and highly mechanically durable
  • Optimal presentation of tissue structures (bones and nerves) in diagnostic imaging using X-rays, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging
  • Assist in homogenous planning and application of the radiation dose for spinal tumors
  • Lower risk of allergic reaction as compared to metal implants
  • 15 years of clinical success in the treatment of spinal pathologies

BlackArmor® implants by icotec

Multiple Benefits in Radiation Therapy and Follow-up

The bone-like material and the artifact-reduced imaging lead to several benefits:

  • Optimal visibility and delineation of the anatomical structures due to minimal artifacts in CT planning images
  • Assistance in the correct calculation of the radiation dose and distribution
  • Significant reduction in treatment planning time
  • Tumor-destroying radiation passes through the BlackArmor® material without notable attenuation
  • Homogenous distribution of the radiation dose in the tumor tissue
  • Reduced scattering of radiation due to the metal-free BlackArmor® material helps to prevent undesirable side effects
  • Optimal MRI visibility and delineation of the tissue structures in the follow-ups, avoidance of additional X-ray exposure from CT
  • Immediate and precise monitoring of possible relapses (tumor recurrence)

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BlackArmor® implants by icotec

Developed and Manufactured in Switzerland

  • Material and technology developed at the renowned ETH (Technical University) in Zurich (top positions in global rankings for science and engineering)
  • The Swiss medtech industry is known for the highest reliability and precision manufacturing
  • BlackArmor® material – developed and manufactured in Switzerland to the highest quality standards
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