Light to the spine.

Light to the spine

BlackArmor® implants by icotec

icotec is leading the industry with spinal implants tailored to support the treatment of spinal tumors. BlackArmor® is a high-strength, non-metallic and biocompatible material developed by icotec. Its radiolucency enables a better delineation of the tumor from the healthy tissue and thereby improves radiation therapy planning, facilitates tumor treatment and simplifies the post-surgical care.

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BlackArmor® implants by icotec

High tech fights spinal tumors.

  • BlackArmor® Carbon/PEEK material: nonmetallic, radiolucent and with high mechanical strength
  • Radiolucency as enabler for improved visualization of tissue (bone and nerves) in all diagnostic imaging techniques (X-Ray, CT, MRI) and in therapeutical applications (photon- and proton therapy in tumors)
  • Precise and homogeneous planning and application of the irradiation dose
  • Reduced allergy risk compared to metal implants
  • 15 years clinical track record in spinal and fracture care applications

BlackArmor® implants by icotec

Multiple benefits during radiation therapy and clinical follow up.

  • Enhanced visualization and delineation of anatomic structures due to artifact-free CT images
  • Precise calculation of radiation dose and distribution
  • Significantly reduced planning time
  • Passage of radiation dose through BlackArmor® material without significant attenuation
  • Ensures homogenous dose distribution in tumor area
  • Minimized beam scattering due to metalfree BlackArmor® material avoids undesirable side effects
  • Optimal visualization and delineation of anatomic tissues during follow-up utilizing MRI
  • Thorough and precise control of tumor recurrences

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BlackArmor® implants by icotec

Engineered and manufactured in Switzerland.

  • Material and technology developed at the famous ETH Zurich Technical University of Zürich (top positions in global rankings for science and engineering)
  • Swiss Med-Tech – industry for highest reliability and precision
  • BlackArmor® material – engineered and manufactured in Switzerland to the highest quality standards.
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