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icotec develops and manufactures innovative, high-strength implants from carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic for the treatment of patients in the areas of spinal and trauma surgery. Since its foundation in 2000, icotec has developed into one of the world's leading companies in the field of carbon-fibre-reinforced implants. The basis is the Injection Molding CFM (Composit Flow Molding) process which was developed by icotec.

Your Contact Person in Switzerland

Please contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions in a personal talk.

Christian Weidner

Sales Director D-CH

Pia Schmidlin

Customer Service Manager

Patric Giger

Area Sales Manager

Anne Lyse Micaud

Sales Manager Western Switzerland



Your Contact Person in Germany

Please contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions in a personal talk.

Christian Weidner

Sales Director D-CH

Paul Sok

Sales Specialist

Markus Engel

Regional Manager West Germany

Tino Chasté

Regional Manager East Germany

Nejla Alp

Regional Manager Southeast Germany

Sabine Burkhardt

Regional Manager Southwest Germany

Mario Di Nola

Customer Service

Your Contact Person in Austria

Please contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions in a personal talk.

Katja Jaritz

Chief Executive Officer Austria

Mario Di Nola

Customer Service


Please contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions in a personal talk.

Roger Stadler

Chief Executive Officer

Remo Keller

Chief Financial Officer

Marina Hess

Chief Quality Officer

Jochen Fend

Chief Operating Officer

Florian Kraus

VP Strategic Marketing

Kurt Zoller

Chief Marketing Officer

Armando Gisep

VP Clinical Research

Novka Richter

Head of Human Resources

Pia Schmidlin

Customer Service Manager


We are happy to help you with questions outside Switzerland/Germany/Austria.

Kurt Zoller

Chief Marketing Officer

Stephen Mitchell

International Sales Manager

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Our Mission and Vision

  • Mission and vision

    • We develop, manufacture, and market medical devices for tumor treatment and skeletal fusion procedures made of BlackArmor® Carbon/PEEK and are global market leaders in the field of nonmetallic implants.
    • Our efforts focus on the benefits and care for patients and physicians.
    • We want to be seen as a company dedicated to products and quality, characterized by honesty, integrity, and excellent service.
    • We have created an attractive work environment for our highly motivated, adaptable and skillful employees.
    • We target long-term and sustainable growth and are responsible to our stakeholders in everything we do.
  • Innovation and quality

    • Quality first! and innovation are the centre of our daily work.
    • Our future success is based on high quality and innovative products
    • Together with our partners, we are developing new approaches for the products and supporting the exchange of ideas.
    • For us, quality is a personal responsibility of each icotec employee.
    • We have a passion for excellence and perfection, we look daily for new ways to make things and us better.
  • Integrity and teamwork

    • We always act with honesty, candor, trust, respect and reliability.
    • We are convinced that we only can reach our challenging goals as a team. We support each other and treat each other with respect.
    • Enjoyment in the work enables maximum performance at icotec level!

«Why icotec? I can actually use what I studied here, and that makes me happy. Not to mention the collegial, friendly – almost familial – atmosphere.»

Lars Klotz

«I really enjoy working at icotec because we have a great team and they support and challenge their employees.»

Denise Marte
Chief Compliance Officer / Education Manager

«i – ideal employer c – chances to develop o – openness t – top quality e – enthusiastic c – colorful/chill, but only on Fridays :-)»

Alexandra Zadarko

«They expect employees to take on great deal of individual responsibility and think critically, which is perfect for me.»

Valeria Consiero
Regulatory Affairs

«Individual responsibility with team focus to build the right message to our customers and ultimately our patients who benefit from our unique BlackArmor® material.»

Carter Lonsberry
CEO icotec Medical Inc., US

«What sets icotec apart from the vast majority of employers in the medical technology industry is that here, team spirit, fairness, individuality, and acknowledgment are top priorities, and that this, of course, is reflected in how they treat their employees and how the employees interact with one another.»

Katja Jaritz
Sales Manager Austria

«icotec provides a very collaborative work environment and the executive team truly cares about their employees.»

Bryan Hanson
Sales Area Manager, US

Be a Part of Our Team!


icotec offers challenging and various tasks and individual development opportunities in the field of medical technology. We value a trusting, open and modern corporate culture. Thanks to our team spirit we are motivated, enjoy our work and are successful.