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The rough Ti-iT® titanium coating and the radiolucent BlackArmor® material make the KONG®-C VBR M vertebral body replacement a unique implant for the cervical spine. In particular, the KONG®-C VBR M paves the way for new perspectives and treatment approaches in tumor/radiation therapy. 

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Scope of Application

Scope of Application
  • Replacement of a diseased or damaged cervical vertebral body due to trauma or tumor among other reasons, with the aim of decompressing the spinal cord and restoring the patient’s anatomy.

Detailed descriptions of the indications and precautions can be found in the relevant surgical technique.

Benefits and Characteristics

  • Radiolucent BlackArmor® material for
    • optimized imaging in X-rays, CT, and MRI
    • exact delineation and time-saving planning of the radiation dose for radiation therapy
  • Optimal adaptation to the patient anatomy
    • due to the modular design of the implant which permits a variety of possible components combinations
    • end plates with different footprints and lordotic angles can be assembled in different combinations
    • due to the anatomic curvature of the implant body

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KONG®-C VBR M Bodies

KONG®-C VBR M End Plates

  • End Plates, made of BlackArmor® Carbon/PEEK

    SizeHeightAngle*Reference Number
    14 x 13 mm5.5 mm12-80-001413
    16 x 13 mm5.5 mm12-80-001613
    18 x 14 mm5.5 mm12-80-001814
    14 x 13 mm5.5 mm12-80-301413
    16 x 13 mm5.5 mm12-80-301613
    18 x 14 mm5.5 mm12-80-301814
    14 x 13 mm5.5 mm12-80-601413
    16 x 13 mm5.5 mm12-80-601613
    18 x 14 mm5.5 mm12-80-601814

    * The angles of the end plates do not influence the implant height.




X-ray, lateral view

BlackArmor® Carbon/PEEK KONG®-C VBR M with tantalum markers

X-ray, AP view

BlackArmor® Carbon/PEEK KONG®-C VBR M with tantalum markers

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