Distal Radius Plate

Invisible in X-Rays – Invaluable for Distal Radius Fractures

The icotec Distal Radius Plate is used for the volar treatment of distal radius fractures. Left and right plates are available in two widths (four or five holes in the distal row) and in two lengths (three or five shaft holes). The fixed-angle plate-screw system enables secure fixation of the fragments. The cortical and locking screws are also made of the innovative composite material BlackArmor®.

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  • Fractures
  • Nonunions
  • Osteotomies of the distal radius

More detailed descriptions of the indications and precautions can be found in the relevant surgical technique.

Benefits and Characteristics

  • Optimal assessment of the fracture reduction and healing process
    due to the X-ray-translucent BlackArmor® material

  • Conventional surgical technique
    from anatomically preformed plates and fixed-angle screws and versatile instrument sets

  • Limited tissue adhesion
    which leads to higher patient satisfaction, less scarring, and simpler explantation after healing
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Distal Radius Plate

  • Volar, standard

    TypeReference number
    3-hole, left22-11-1203
    3-hole, right22-12-1203
    5-hole, left22-11-1205
    5-hole, right22-12-1205
  • Volar, wide

    TypeReference number
    3-hole, left22-11-1303
    3-hole, right22-12-1303
    5-hole, left22-11-1305
    5-hole, right22-12-1305


  • Locking screws, diameter 2.7 mm

    LengthReference number
    08 mm20-27-0208
    10 mm20-27-0210
    12 mm20-27-0212
    14 mm20-27-0214
    16 mm20-27-0216
    18 mm20-27-0218
    20 mm20-27-0220
    22 mm20-27-0222
    24 mm20-27-0224
    26 mm20-27-0226
    28 mm20-27-0228
    30 mm20-27-0230
  • Cortical screws, diameter 2.7 mm

    LengthReference number
    08 mm20-27-0108
    10 mm20-27-0110
    12 mm20-27-0112
    14 mm20-27-0114
    16 mm20-27-0116
    18 mm20-27-0118
    20 mm20-27-0120
    22 mm20-27-0122
    24 mm20-27-0124



X-ray, lateral (side view)

The plate position in relation to the Watershed line can be assessed exactly in the lateral X-ray. Likewise, the screw tips fitted with tantalum balls are seen clearly, enabling verification of the intraosseous position.

X-ray, a-p (abdomen-back)

The a-p X-ray shows the position of the central plate on the shaft and the position of the distal plate edge in relation to the Watershed line.

MRI, lateral (side view)

The MRI images allow ideal interpretation, for example of the TFCC structures or other ligament lesions near the plate.

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